Sphere7405® - Modular By Design

Sphere7405® is a full-cycle claims, insurance distribution, underwriting and policy management system – a complete one point access platform, perfectly designed for multi-level collaboration and remote working.
Built on CaseMaster® technology with data held in a powerful data exchange mechanism (IDEV), optimising how data is transformed, accessed and shared both internally and externally.

We know the needs and pressures of the London markets and are fully switched on to the digitalisation strategies that lay ahead of us. Our product roadmap is a union of client requests and industry insights, not what we feel might be useful.

Sphere7405® is the ideal insurance system for the modern Broker, MGA and Insurer.
Claims Management
Data Visualisation
Create and launch products using intelligent workflow and data integration.
Remote management of risk lifecycle.
Fully integrated financial control systems and reporting capabilities.
Multi class full cycle claims management designed for delegated authority schemes.
Real-time dashboards and third party data feeds into IDEV.
Policy Management