Why are we doing this?

DDS recognises that hundreds of small brokers and agents (MGAs) are logically much more likely and able to innovate than large insurers although in many instances are restricted by budgetary constraints.

We occupy the space where mutual opportunity exists between DDS and our customers. Having the benefit of early adoption from large and well known corporate entities, we are able to bring this product to market with high functional capabilities combined with a price point that is within reach to a broader spectrum of the market.

The London market is well known for innovative underwriting practices with the groundwork for technology and innovation already in place.
Most London brokers are working without IT systems, or they are working with IT systems that no longer meet the digital, compliance requirements as set down by capacity providers.

With the help of a good technology partner, an MGA or broker operating in the London market can with Sphere7405® become an innovative digital insurer in a matter of days.

Innovation through technology provides the way forward.